on period instruments

CD Reviews:
The Golden Age of String Quartets

"These are period performances that blend life, spirit and soul with a perfectly-judged sensitivity for contemporary style and practice."
«The WholeNote»

"From the first track (the Mozart K465 quartet), something is definitely different. There’s more mystery in the quiet introduction, due to the personality of each player. There’s more drama in the Allegro..."

"These are sparkling, straightforward interpretations that nicely show off the more delicate, rhythmically lively sound one can get from period instruments."
«John Terauds, Musical Toronto»

"The quartet’s choice of repertoire is impeccable, demonstrating taste and technique. A delight to hear."
«Scene Magazine»

"The Windermere’s approach has an attractive, earthy honesty."

"The recording, engineered by guitarist Norbert Kraft and produced by Bonnie Silver, one of the best teams in the business right now, is clear and detailed, and certainly reinforces the immediacy behind the sound of these period instruments."
«Classical Music Sentinel»

"The Windermere String Quartet acquit themselves well on period instruments. I look forward to future programs and releases."
«Early Music America»